Kenwood Cheerleading Team Crowned 2020 Chicago Public League City Champions

The Kenwood Broncos Cheerleading team holding the 2020 Chicago Public League City Championship Trophy. 

The Kenwood Cheerleading team were crowned the 2020 Chicago Public League City Champions, defeating Whitney Young and Lane Tech in the city's cheer-leading championship held at Corliss High School in January.

The Lady Broncos, led by head coach Kenya Hayes, dominated the competition in several categories, including tumbling, stunts, facial expressions, and cheer-techniques.

"Not the first in school history, but it was definitely my first time winning as a coach here," said Hayes, after leading the school to their first Cheerleading Championship since 2005. "It's amazing watching the girls with all the talent they have. It's a long time coming."

Hayes said she was amazed with both the talent and maturity of the team, as some members of the squad worked "9 to 5 jobs," and others are scholars who held 3.8 GPA's or higher.

"We had to practice every day from November until the time and day of the competition," said Jada Guyton, a member of the Lady Broncos cheerleading squad. "Literally like every day until like 7 o'clock."

Guyton said she felt very relieved after hearing the judges announce the team’s final result in January's competition, and she said she was very proud to be a part of the 2020 City Cheerleading Championship Team.

Kenwood Principal Karen Calloway also expressed her love, adoration, and gratitude for the team.

"We were really excited for the girls cheerleading team," said Calloway. "They've been working at this for many years and they were always really close but never brought home the plaque. So, I was really excited (to see them win it all)."

According to Calloway, the team started off the season with a few hurdles, but they were able to overcome their challenges and "stand and focus on the goal." Calloway also said that Coach Hayes has done an amazing job with the girls as a coach and that her team has worked very hard and definitely deserves a first place finish.

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