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Kenwood Academy boys lacrosse assistant coach Chase Wheeler speaks to the team during a 20-13 victory over Taft High School at home on Thursday, March 31. 

The Kenwood Academy boys lacrosse team was all smiles this Thursday, as they defeated Taft High School 20-13 for their second victory of the season. 

The win came after the Broncos trounced De La Salle last week, and marks the team’s first consecutive triumphs since the beginning of last season. Kenwood now sits with a 2-1 record. 

Junior midfielder Rondell Wetzel recorded three out of the first nine goals Kenwood scored in the first period; he registered another tally in the next period. Junior attacker Adin Farmer also contributed to the team’s offensive surge with five goals. Farmer is the team’s leading goal scorer, with 15. 

“We’re looking very confident and looking very good,” Wetzel said. “We’re going for the city championship, that’s our goal. Our goal is to win games of course, but we’re not stopping until we’re the city champs. We’re going to work our hardest and persevere every game.”

Senior attacker Kamren Cale also scored five, including a hat-trick in the third period.

“I think playing on our turf gives us a boost of confidence,” Cale said. “But we also have a good connection and compatibility, especially the offense. We have been running passes, cuts, and plays. We know where to pass to each other, we know what’s our strong hands. So, we just know how to move around. We just optimize on the mismatches and everything like that.”

The Broncos also unleashed a physical style of play against Taft during the last two periods, delivering intense hits after a light snow began to fall on the turf. Junior midfielder Nick Hodges checked one Taft player who accidentally ran into a Kenwood student-videographer out on the sideline. The collision resulted in a damaged tripod.

Head coach Scott Johnson and one of his assistants, Chase Wheeler, noticed that the Broncos were losing a little momentum during the last two periods. Taft scored their final two goals in 40 seconds.

“I felt like coming out in the first quarter, it was probably one of the best starts I’ve ever seen them have,” Johnson said. “But I thought by mid-third quarter, we started getting a little sloppy. We got to clean that up.”

Despite avenging a 13-7 loss to Taft last year, the Broncos are aware of their need for game management. 

“I was trying to get them to remain focused and finish strong,” Wheeler said about his words to his team during breaks. “Just because we had a large lead, that doesn’t mean they should let up. I really wanted them to keep the paddle down and continue to press.”

Johnson is still satisfied with his team’s victory.

“These guys have been working really hard during the off-season,” the head coach said. “Consistency, sticking together through it, and coming back to this school year with a really strong emphasis on working hard in the off-season is what got us to this point.”

Most of the seniors and juniors have played lacrosse together within the last five years; this form of chemistry is the biggest factor for the Broncos as a strong unit. 

“We’re not just a lacrosse team,” Wetzel said. “We’re a family.”

The Broncos were scheduled to play Northside Prep this past Wednesday, but the game was postponed due to weather and rescheduled for April 7. 

In the meantime, the team will take on the Latin Romans, their first high-profile opponent, at home today, April 1, at 5 p.m.

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That's so great that Kenwood boys and girls Lacrosse teams are doing so well in the sport of Lacrosse . This sport is mostly an East Coast sport and our Kenwood students who do well with good academics can and will get scholarships to top tier colleges and universities.

Well done Kenwood!

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