Kenwood sophomore running back Lavar Lindsay (holding football) is tackled by a Simeon player after gaining important yards in the hard-fought contest on Saturday, April 17. 

The Kenwood Broncos fell to 1-2 on the season after suffering a 23-18 loss to the Simeon Wolverines on Saturday afternoon at Gately Stadium. 

Despite the loss, both teams exchanged big plays over four quarters.

"To be honest," said Kenwood coach Sinque Turner. "Both teams were just one play away from winning the ball game."

Turner believes there was nothing different he could have done as a coach to change the outcome of the ball game. His Broncos team jumped out to a 6-0 lead in the first quarter thanks to the uncanny rushing ability of quarterback Lou Henson. 

Henson rushed for two touchdowns in Saturday's game and finished with 106 passing yards.

In the second half, the Broncos offense had several opportunities to put the game away for good. But an errant throw by Henson squandered any scoring opportunities for the Broncos, as he tossed an interception with 51 seconds left to play in regulation.  

The real backbreaker for the Broncos defense came a few plays earlier, as the team surrendered a 40-yard touchdown run to Simeon running back Andre Crews. Crews' run on 2nd-and-10 was a clutch moment for the Wolverines, giving them a 23-18 lead they would manage to hold for the remainder of the game.

"The play was bail right," said Crews about the big run. "Basically, following tackles, following blocks. We had our head down most of the game."

Following the run by Crews, the Wolverines would capitalize on a two-point conversion after the Broncos defense was flagged for an offside penalty.

Final Score: Simeon 23, Kenwood 18.

Herald Players of The Game:

1. Broncos offense

2. RB Andre Crews, Simeon, 40 yard TD run.

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