To the Editor,

On October 18th, members of the Promontory Point Conservancy met with Superintendent of the Chicago Park District Rosa Ecareno and Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Transportation Gia Biagi, and members of their respective staffs. Together we walked the entire length of the Point’s revetment to look at the actual conditions and talked about how repair, restoration and rehabilitation of the historic limestone structure are feasible, sustainable and affordable.

We are deeply grateful to the public officials who walked with us and devoted their time and attention to the Point and the community’s concerns. They said they are committed to a preservation approach and to satisfying the community’s 22 year demands for true preservation of the historic limestone revetment.

As a result, we are greatly relieved to know that demolition of the historic limestone revetment, completely new construction with concrete revetment, and merely decorative and ornamental reuse of the limestone blocks are no longer being considered.

Promontory Point Conservancy is now proposing to make Promontory Point a Chicago City Landmark to honor and protect its historic value, its beauty, and the community’s devotion. Mayor Lightfoot and Alderman Hairston (5th)  support preservation of the limestone revetment, and Alderman Hairston has initiated the City-landmarking process. We have asked for the Chicago Park District’s support as the property owner. The Conservancy would be pleased to walk the Point with the leadership and staff of the Chicago Landmarks Commission as we did with the Mayor, the Park District and the Department of Transportation.

Promontory Point Conservancy

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Ruth Pinch

I'm not wealthy. I'm not even comfofrtable. But I have lived in Hyde Park since 1958 and care very much what happens to it and the point. I'm so authentic in terms of the point that I remember when the Nike post was there and how we all breathed a ssigh of relief when it left.[whistling][whistling]

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