To the Editor:

Jacqui Collins and I first got to know each other while working together on Harold Washington’s mayoral campaign. This experience showed us that change was possible and it sent us on a journey to push for progressive and inclusive policies that uplift the lives of families throughout Chicago and Illinois. As a state senator, Jacqui Collins has shown time and time again that she is committed to bringing justice to our community, and now she’s taking the next step and running for Congress in the 1st district.

In Springfield, Jacqui has championed policies to increase equity for families in every corner of the state. She was a chief co-sponsor of raising the minimum wage, led nursing home reform, stopped all predatory lending in the state, and has fought banks, mortgage companies and credit unions to hold them accountable and helped close the racial wealth gap between Black and white families.

Just last week, her legislation outlawing ghost guns was signed into law, making Illinois the only state in the Midwest to ban untraceable firearms.

No one has been a stronger advocate for women and girls than Jacqui, and with abortion rights under attack, we need her in D.C. to fight back just like she did in Illinois, where she fought to protect a woman’s right to choose, in spite of whatever the Supreme Court decides. Jacqui also established the Illinois Human Trafficking task force and passed laws lifting the statute of limitations on child sex abuse, requiring hotel and restaurant works to go through training on how to identify and report human trafficking and ensuring that non-citizen trafficking survivors still qualify for help.

Jacqui is the only person in the race with a progressive track record and experience legislating and winning tough fights. She’s also building a diverse coalition of support that Harold Washington would be proud of. That’s why I’ve endorsed her to be the first congresswoman in the 1st district.

Jacky Grimshaw

Grimshaw was Mayor Harold Washington's top legislative aid and has served on a number of civic and professional organizations through the years.

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