The Obama Foundation, in its plans to build the Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park, commits these public sins:

1. It has encouraged a public misunderstanding: it is NOT a Library — it is a presidential museum, which is important but not a Presidential Library, which is a major institution.

2. Its construction will destroy 1000 mature TREES, to be replaced by saplings — not the same! This is at a time when we finally recognize the value of trees to our environment,

3. It will be built on swamp land, with an underground garage — both threatening the lagoons and susceptible to major water damage.

4. It will destroy Cornell Drive and create major traffic jams. It will cost the city (and us) at least $200 million to widen DuSable Lake Shore Drive and Stony Island in order to take its place.

5. It will be built on a major migratory bird route. Thousands of birds will be killed annually.

6. It WILL NOT bring millions of dollars of business to Woodlawn. It will not bring thousands of jobs to Woodlawn. It will not bring 700,000 visitors a year to Woodlawn.

7. The Obama Foundation has NOT raised enough money for this project, and the project may not be finished even by the date predicted, 2025.

Demand a public debate on the choice of site! Move the OPC west of Washington Park. 

Janice Misurell-Mitchell

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Ross Petersen

I would add to this list the following items: 1. In what, six years since announcing this site, Mr. Obama has not held any meeting, or addressed the impact (negative) on our environment. 2. The foundation has not recognized the need to practice Historic preservation. We tore down some masterpieces - like the Stock Exchange, many others. This is why Preservation Chicago exists, and why they are opposed. 3. The Lakefront belongs to all Chicagoans, and this deal - $10.00 for a ninety-nine year lease, is not a good deal at all. 4. Cost overruns will fall on taxpayers, already over taxed.

Move the OPC to Washington Park.

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