Dear Herald Readers, 

The Kenwood Food Project is alive and well! We are delighted The Herald, in last week's edition, focused on the continuing need to support "hunger programs."  Since our founding in March 2020, we have benefited from their steady coverage and know such exposure helps organizations such as ours to survive and thrive. It is difficult to include every group in every article, so I'd like to refresh your knowledge of the Kenwood Food Project and what we do. 

Supporters donate to our efforts through the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club website: These funds are then spent buying $50 gift cards at two grocers and five local restaurants: Hyde Park Produce, Food and Paper Supply, The Medici, Pizza Capri, B'Gabs Goodies, Cedars and Cafe 53. The businesses add at least $5 to each card for which we’ve paid $50. The gift cards are then strategically handed out at Bret Harte Elementary, Kenwood Academy and, when we’ve had an abundance of generous gifts, the Hyde Park Refugee Project families benefit as well.  

These distributors know exactly whom among their students and clients is in the greatest need for supplemental food. Furthermore, the workers at our seven vendors also benefit. They are busier, working more hours, earning more for their families because we are supporting them too. And because of this effort … and many others of mutual aid … we give voice to the fact that our community is made up of individuals who take action when they see their neighbors in need. 

Thank you to those of you who have stepped up during the last year and a half to support The Kenwood Food Project and the other organizations highlighted in the Herald article. Please remember that the pandemic is not over, and when it is, the problem of hungry children will still be with us. 

Linda Erf Swift

Coordinator, KFP

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Andy Carter

Linda, thank you for your leadership and work on this important project!

Andy Carter

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