To the editor:

In response to Erin Adams letter on the dismissal of The Protect Our Park lawsuit over the building of OPC in historic Jackson Park: we will return!

Not being raised in Chicago, I understand why Ms. Adams would not have the same reverence for Jackson Park as native Chicagoans. 

What is most disheartening to me is Ms. Adams lack of respect for fresh air and wide open spaces on the human psyche. Have we learned nothing from this pandemic?

To while away the day in this glorious historic park is truly a luxury that must be preserved for future generations. May I suggest to Ms. Adams she try it sometime.

M. Rita Ryan

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Jaye Platt

The huge economic disruptions to the Chicago/Illinois economy and tax base as simply changed the situation regarding the proposed Obama Presidential "Center". Our city and state simply do not have hundreds of $ millions of tax $ available to take precious public park land and build huge cult of personality temple that will look as natural as Big Jim Thomson's God awful Illinois Center!. The best solution is to cancel the Obama Presidential Center destruction of our Jackson Park. Instead, we can rename (Andrew) Jackson Park, "Obama Park" and try to shame Barack and Michelle Obama to move back in to their empty mansion in Kenwood. The Obamas can sell their $15 million estate on Martha's Vineyard Island in MA and reconnect with their/our South Side Chicago community that they have abandoned. Once (Andrew) Jackson Park has been renamed "Obama Park" the Obama's can do some serious private fundraising and raise say $ 1 billion from some of the tech oligarchs who became the richest men in the world in Obama's term of office. The Obamas can oversee the use of those $ billion in private donations to make "Obama Park" the best, maintained, cleanest, safest park in our Chicago public park system. No reason "Obama Park" here on our South Side can't be as good or better than (Abraham) Lincoln Park on the North Side. Yes, let's shame the Obamas in to coming back to our/their community and actually investing their time and hard work in to improving our/their South Side of Chicago community.

Ross Petersen

Mr. Platt, I do not begrudge President Obama for his prosperity, I congratulate him. Why shouldn't he enter into book deals, or own many homes? It is His money, he can do with it what he will. My issue is the site of the OPC. This is not a good idea, it will destroy the Park as we know it. A 235 foot tall building, four others, they don't belong inside the Park - they need to be built along side of it - On Stony Island Avenue, or ML King Drive. We do not want to see 800 to 1,000 trees removed, cut down from the Park.

Yes, we need to take another look at the cost of this project. We simply can't afford this location, road widening, environmental remediation from their underground garage. We need to recognize there are impacts from Covid, as well.


The content of the letter is an unfounded, childish, personal attack that has nothing to do with the issue at hand. Furthermore, wanting a road removed from the middle of a park seems rather pro-park to many!

Ross Petersen

Boo Hoo. I note no insults. Just a sound suggestion. And, we have sought, all along, to see Cornell Drive returned to the same four lanes as elsewhere in the Park. Don't throw out your baby with the bath water. Rebuild it 2 lanes each direction. Install pedestrian underpasses where necessary. Cornell Drive is an original feature. Reduce, don't eliminate Cornell Drive.

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