To the Editor:

I'm writing in opposition to the construction of the proposed new Tiger Woods golf course in Jackson Park. Fortunately for our community, this project is currently on hold; I hope it will be cancelled altogether.

Proponents of the course have argued that this would be an investment for the historically disadvantaged South Side. As a resident, I strongly disagree. While the proposed course would be located *on* the South Side, it is not *for* the South Side. There are already two golf courses in the area of proposed construction; these easily meet the demands of local golfers, while charging affordable fees and providing suitable play areas for beginning or casual golfers. It's clear to me that the target audience of the new course is wealthy tourists, not South Siders.

For children, the First Tee and free golf programs already exist; these programs do great work, and can & must be supported without physically expanding the golf course. Far from providing additional opportunities for South Side youth, the new construction will reduce beneficial youth programming by removing amenities like the horseback riding ring, team sports facilities, beach access, and space used for day camps.

Additionally, the proposed course would destroy a valuable part of the park: the South Shore Nature Sanctuary. This is a beautiful area of the park that is beloved by locals. While not everyone can or wants to golf, the unparalleled lake vistas and unique plant and animal life in the South Shore sanctuary can be enjoyed by anyone. We don't want to see this damaged or restricted for the sake of a niche interest.

In my opinion, this proposal is part of a disturbing trend of converting freely accessible parkland into gated facilities that charge admission in one form or another. This is directly counter to the spirit and purpose of public parks. Our tax dollars pay for the funding of the parks, and they should remain open and free of charge. Private endeavors don't belong on public land.

Clara Raubertas

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Ross Petersen

I attended the ribbon-cutting for the SSCC's nature area, I think it was 1995? David Doig led the Park district at the time, and the idea was a 'string' of nature areas, along the lakefront. Millions were spent on this project; it is tended-to mostly by volunteers.

These golf course plans move in the opposite direction. It is converting Park land, belonging to all, to private use. There is something wrong with this picture.

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