To the Editors:

The statement by the City of Chicago is that "...the construction and operation of the OPC in Jackson Park was a local decision."

It goes on to say that, therefore, the FHWA can't say anything about it being located in the park or where it is located in the park.

In his letter printed in the same issue, Ross Petersen observes " this was a top-down decision." He states that there was no input from "locals."

This is not a democratically inspired project, and I consider it more the kind of thing one would expect in a feudal-fascist society. That would require tying it to corporate profits.

The location placing the east lawn on top of Cornell Drive causes $174 million in roadwork that could be avoided by moving the site a few hundred feet. There is a a lot of profit involved with that much paving work.

One of the bulletins from Jackson Park Watch mentions a "Feb 2018 University of Chicago donation agreement" that includes expanding golf courses which must be a wish list attached to the $30 million.

The university is the biggest landlord in the area and the $11 million property tax increase mentioned in Judge Blakey's ruling would be sufficient to bring in ten times the cost of the donation in real estate deals and the value of removing minorities from the neighborhood.

I hate to be cynical, but I have experienced business in Chicago for too long.

Terry Herlihy 

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