Over the last five years of so, we have been breathing coke ash from the Koch Brothers mountain of coke ash on the Southeast Side. Word is that it has been removed, but the blowing soot has only begun to diminish.

General Iron Industries is being urged out of Lincoln Park by residents within a mile of the scrap yard.

After enormous pressure, GII agreed to move, although in the meantime, Mayor Rahm Emanuel had granted a three-year extension of their operating permit.

Their agreement was to shut down by the end of 2020 and move to the Southeast Side.

The Environmental Protection Agency has had GII on a watch list since the 1990s, and GII was cited in 2018 for failing to contain lung-damaging particulate matter and chemicals.

They still expect to move to the Southeast Side.

Somebody please tell me why, if greasy black soot is harmful to residents of Lincoln Park, why is it OK for South Side residents to breathe greasy black soot?

So, GII still plans to move to the Southeast Side. How cynical is that?

I strenuously oppose the relocation of General Iron Industries.

Kathie Newhouse

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