To the editor,

I read Christian Belanger's story in the Oct. 15 edition about the new president of the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) with interest and hope.
My hope is that she can bring "aha moments" to the industrial exhibits as well as the science ones, many of which are a lot newer. There is an expanding interest in the Green Revolution and it can be way more than a wind farm or solar panel. Before it was banned a hundred years ago, industrial hemp was a valuable crop that provided twine and rope (that was named Manila after that industry was relocated to the Philippines which had no ban) and made better paper than pulp wood. It not only can be used instead of plastic products but it also sequesters carbon. Much of the plastic pollution in the oceans is in the form of nets and lines that are entangling and killing whales and hemp products could at least stop that flow of plastic waste.
When I moved into Jackson Towers in 1955, the free parking lot and lack of admission charges attracted thousands of visitors a day. She and her engineers should think about restoring the old lot now that the dewatering of the buried one is a major expense. As soon as Obama reads Double Fold and figures out there is no such thing as a digital presidential library, maybe he will rent 70,000 square feet from her and bring a new attraction
to the old place.
Terry Herlihy

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