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South Side Neighbors 4 Hope’s pronouncement that the “debate is over“ regarding the Obama Foundation plans to construct several buildings in Jackson Park seems like wishful thinking to me. Whether or not continuing litigation succeeds in preventing the construction of one or more of the buildings, history will be the judge as to whether support for allowing the private Obama Foundation to build in the public Jackson Park was prudent and advisable. In my opinion, the debate will end in time with the conclusion that while the supporters of such development may have been well intentioned, they were certainly misguided.

John Clement

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Sigh. It does look park preservationists have lost this one to a very bad OPC plan, which might be the worst abuse of the Daniel Burnham plan to keep our lakefront parks free and open to the public, free of park destroying private development.

There might be some ways to downsize the OPC, make the high rise personality cult temple say 12 stories instead of 23 and not have many/additional above and below ground parking lots on the East end of the Midway Pleasance.

Well, there are other Lakefront park battles to be fought like preserving, replacing the 55th Street Limestone Point.

Or, let's consider bidding a fond adieu to the abomination that is the Chicago Bears Stadium that was put over Soldiers Field and the extensive Bears Parking Lots.

Our precious Lakefront Parks shouldn't be assault parking lots, let's take it back for parks and plant lots of trees there as many as the OPC clear cutting in our Jackson Park.

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