To the Editor:

The Herald's article about COVID-19 deaths was interesting.

I have a comment about this statistic: "The death toll in 60653 is one in 561; In 60615, it is one in 1,188; and in 60637, it is one in 863. Citywide, one in every 548 Chicagoans have died from COVID-19."

The South Side Weekly death record gives 4839 deaths as of March 27:

This means that 4839 × 548 = 2.65 million, which seems exactly right for Chicago's population. My point is that what is usually given is the deaths per million population. So 4839 / 2.65 = 1826 deaths.

Our situation is terrible. Chicago, if a country, would be the seventh worst in the world in terms of per capita deaths, between Bosnia and Bulgaria, and slightly worse than Italy, the first place in the Western world to be hit by the coronavirus pandemic. ZIP code 60653 would be roughly the same as the city overall.

In ZIP code 60637, where I live, it is 1 per 863, so scaling 1826 by 548/863 gives 1160 per million, which is between Romania and Armenia, for 29th place. ZIP code 60615 is about 840, 41st place, worse than Iran, one of the first places outside China to be hit by the pandemic.

Chicago, and our area within it, have nothing to be proud of in terms of handling the pandemic.

Joshua Telser

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