To the Editor: 

Rodent control is a high-priority necessity. It is a job for professionals, not amateurs. The recently reported practice of using feral cats to eradicate rats is barbaric and repugnant. 

Feral cats are not part of the wildlife and they are not a solution to this egregious health problem, which is exacerbated in areas of high-density housing. 

It is incumbent upon and justified that neighbors call their ward office when an increase in service is needed. If exploitation of cats is continued, you will just have unhealthy, very sick cats roaming around, who should be off the streets. 

It is to our chagrin when wild horses are discovered in deplorable condition. Pack dogs are routinely captured and taken off the streets. The same reasons exist for the control and eventual care of feral cats, and they can be trained. They deserve a chance to have a home. 

Some neighbors may be unaware that the above amateur projects are occurring right in our area. This is my way of reaching those who mean well. Rodent control is a job for professionals. 

Our former two cats lived to ages 18 and 21. Finian, our new cat, is from a rescue group. 

Kathie Newhouse

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Ross Petersen

This is cruel and inhumane treatment of animals. Studies have found cats do far more harm to local bird populations than going after rats. What will happen to these cats when winter sets in? Neither rats nor cats are native, nor are they a part of our local ecosystem. This is a bad plan, cruel to the cats, ineffective against rats.


what seems to be missing from this comment is a discussion of the ecosystem and its' residents. Though not using ferals to control rodents, ferals will naturally select to control rodents ; it's instinctive. But I do agree- professionals are required at some point-just make sure they use acceptable non-poisonous (to cats) methods.,

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