Beat map

Beats 234 and 235 in Hyde Park. Beat 233 covers the rest of the neighborhood and the Washington Park park.

I was both disappointed and embarrassed on Feb. 13 when only three of my Hyde Park neighbors (from beats 234 and 235) showed up to the month Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) meeting.

Attendance had been down for the past several months, but I put that to an inconvenient location. That has changed. The location for beats 234 and 234 is now Congregation Rodfei Zedek, 5200 S. Hyde Park Blvd.

These meetings are an opportunity for us to:

  • Get informed about the crime in our neighborhood,
  • Understand what the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is doing to address issues that affect us all,
  • Provide input. That includes helping the CPD understand the issues you are observing and providing input on the initiatives and programs the CPD has in place, and
  • Develop a relationship with the Officers who patrol our neighborhood.

Hyde Parkers seem to have no issue speaking their minds, but regularly attending meetings doesn’t seem to be of interest. It is important to participate regularly to develop the kind of relationships that help to facilitate productive interactions when things go badly. Further, if we only have contact with the police when things are going wrong, a productive relationship is very unlikely.

So I encourage you to devote some time and attend the meetings. Put them into your calendars. They are regularly scheduled and conveniently located (see date, time and address above), so there is really no reason not to devote a little time to an important effort. And even if you can’t make it every month, try to make it every other month or even every third month.

If you are not sure which Beat Meeting you should be attending, please you can either use this link,, or call the CAPS office at 312-747-8366.

Once again, please take the time to attend the CAPS Beat meetings. They are important.

The next CAPS meeting for Beat 233, covering the area between 51st and 55th streets and Cottage Grove and Woodlawn avenues, is Thursday, March 5, at the Washington Park fieldhouse, 5531 S. King Drive. The next CAPS meeting for Kenwood's Beat 222 is Tuesday, March 10, at the Kennicott Park fieldhouse, 4434 S. Lake Park Ave.

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Um, Mr. Niden,

No one lives IN Washington Park. Please move the 233 beat also to Hyde Park, for all Hyde Park residents, as opposed to only accomodating the residents that live in 234 and 235 beat areas. This is odd. Do you know that the actual park, Washington Park, at night, during the time that you have meetings scheduled, is super dark and appears completely unsafe? Maybe as an officer or male, you don't sense that, but as a women, I will NEVER attend a beat meeting at that location. Ever. Hyde Park residents do not divide itself up from East or West of Woodlawn. It is ALL Hyde Park. If anything, we take Kenwood as Hyde Park and expand our community to a broader area in the community. Also, residents regularly attend community meetings and are highly engaged, similiar to Woodlawn residents. Check in with Alderman Hairston. Maybe you'll understand why this division is not ideal for a tight-knit community of owners/tenants like Hyde Park. Move all Hyde Park meetings TO Hyde Park and maybe you'll get more attendees. Thanks.

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