To the Editor:

Two years ago, my team helped me complete the herculean task of making the ballot for Illinois’s 1st Congressional District as an Independent candidate. I want to thank the over 17,000 people who voted for my candidacy and believed we have more in common as Americans than the present state of our union makes it appear.

While the recent Illinois supreme court decision has allowed me ballot access this year, I will not be seeking this office in 2020. This year we must put aside our differences and come together as a community of Democrats, Independents and Republicans to work together to remove the narcissistic fraudster who is our President and unseat Mitch McConnell’s corporate welfare agenda from the Senate.

We must end the foreign policy disasters orchestrated by the Republican Party, from giving away military bases in Syria to Russian Forces while our soldiers retreated under fire, to allowing Russian bounties for the murders of our troops to go unanswered.

We must end the poisoning of our air and water which Trump has hastened by allowing mercury to be emitted into our waterways.

We must defend science in the marketplace of ideas against destructive conspiracy theories which are structured to make us hate our fellow Americans.

We must end the use of Federal Agents to terrorize citizens expressing their Constitutional Rights.

We must end the unconstitutional sabotage against our Post Office.

We must come to together as Americans to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our next President and Vice President in order to move our Republic forward.




Thomas Rudbeck

2018 Independent Candidate

Illinois 1St Congressional District

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