To the Editor: 

To those who bemoan the installation of gates at the north and south ends of Wooded Island, consider the relatively inaccessible Japanese Garden in Seattle, Washington. The garden is lovely indeed, but pricey — $8.00 for adults.

Are we heading in that direction? Should we be?

Frances Vandervoort

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Ross Petersen

FV, I wouldn't give the Park district any ideas - like charging admission to the Osaka Garden. Parks in Chicago are free, and access to all is (was) guaranteed. It is not the advisory council's role to cram these gates down the public's throats. The council should have brought the issue to the wider community. This 'council' is now mostly you, and Louise McCurry. You have abandoned the protective role of a PAC, and have not preserved the Park. These gaybashing gates have got to go. Tragic enough we have this OPC, bulldozing our Park. Now, you want to charge Park visitors? I don't agree with that.

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