To the Editor:

The billboards on the expressways recruiting new members for the Chicago Police Department are ludicrous: Be the change you wish to see. Even if all new applicants wanted to change the way they police Black and Brown people, they wouldn’t be able to because the training structure is mapped out to see people, especially people of color, as potential obstacles to order and peace. This is systemic racism and it occurs in every institutional apparatus worldwide where people are demoted at the expense of delusional and immoral perceptions of an ideal civilization.

The relatively new curriculum that might be coming to CPS is called Critical Race Theory (CRT) and it holds that America’s institutions — among them police departments, schools, and government — are intrinsically defective because they accommodate systemic racism. While this part is essentially valid, CRT is based on the framework of Marxism, a stagnant system itself that is inherently flawed because it relies entirely on the naive idea that people can be trusted to seek economic equilibrium with others at the expense of their personal wants and ambitions. And the inconspicuous secret that CRT advocates will omit is that its goal is to move America towards a Marxist schema in political, economic, social and cultural circles.

In every Marxist government that has existed in the history of the world, the one common denominator has been the extinguishing of freedom in all of its forms: Freedoms of speech, expression, religious beliefs, spiritual practices, protections of the accused, government taking over private businesses and individuals seeking an optimal economic life for themselves by choosing to use their profit for their own good as well as their community’s benefit, would all be eradicated and fall victim to the idea that the government knows better than the puny and inferior interests of its citizens. The very government that is perpetrating the systemic problems in our communities would be replaced by yet another government who seeks our individual good by making decisions against our individual wills.

Unfortunately, Critical Race Theory is nothing more than a philosophical facade for limiting and destroying inherited liberties that help us express our innate and inalienable rights as Americans and as human beings.

Paul Brush

Government teacher at Kenwood Academy

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