Dear editor,

Promontory Point Conservancy is extremely grateful and delighted that Mayor Lightfoot has agreed to a preservation approach to the repair, restoration and rehabilitation of the historic limestone revetment at Promontory Point. It is our understanding from the Mayor’s statements that Promontory Point will not be prioritized or impacted by the current GRR undertaking which is studying the entire Illinois lakefront. We too are happy to wait for the funding of US Congresswoman Kelly’s third-party, independent study for a true preservation approach under the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Preservation. Kelly’s funding authorization of the 2007 appropriation for a preservation study brings us all back to the 2006 Obama Scope of Work which lays out a comprehensive plan for early and ongoing community input and engagement. We are pleased too that the Mayor is committed to serious community input in the preservation study. This makes a preservation approach at the Point a win-win for the City and for the community. We look forward to working with the agencies to craft a creative, world-class ADA adaptation so all have easy access to the restored revetment and the water. Thank you, Mayor Lightfoot, for supporting preservation of the limestone and taking demolition off the table.

Promontory Point Conservancy

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