Dear editor,

Radio and print are here to stay.

Thank you for offering Hyde Park a smart, reliable voice. Thanks for giving all of us fair and equal voices.

Hyde Park Stories/history enriches, embellishes and enhances all the important news.

Long before we moved here, friends brought me to the Harper Theater to see “The Red Shoes”. That was a time when Harper Theater was located on Harper/Lake Park near 53rd Street. We moved here in 1958, when my husband attended the U. of C. Law School. 

Recently, over coffee at Piccolo Mondo, a friend remarked that they planned to move to Texas. Without skipping a beat or any real thought, I responded, “move to Austin, it’s the Hyde Park of Texas."

We get the local news on channel 7 at 5 p.m. Then I look forward to reading the morning paper for the details and the real story behind the brief news story.

Also, newspapers offer many additional reports of interest. The latter is so true of the Hyde Park Herald. 

When I was studying for exams at Roosevelt University, I saved all the newspapers until the exams were over. Then, my reward for myself was to read all the newspapers of the past week. 

Not incidentally, the Hyde Park Herald is a good looking newspaper. I wish the Hyde Park Herald and all their readers a great, long future together.


Kathie Newhouse

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