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Students with UChicago for Fair Tuition protested in front of President Robert J. Zimmer's home on April 24. 

University of Chicago students announced an end to their three-week-old tuition strike Monday, though organizers said one person affiliated with the campaign is filing a class-action lawsuit against the school. 

About 200 students were involved in the strike, which began on April 29. Organizers put out a list of demands for the school’s administration — only one of those, the call for a tuition freeze, was instituted by the university. 

In the same statement, organizers said that one student was “pursuing legal action” against the school. As universities have temporarily shuttered because of the pandemic, a handful of students across the country have filed class-action lawsuits asking for tuition refunds, often arguing that a contractual promise has been broken. 

 “The campaign has decided to end their strike in order to regroup and focus on building long-term power,” read a statement from the group UChicago for Fair Tuition (UCFT), which organized the strike. “This will not be the last tuition strike UChicago sees.”

“The coronavirus pandemic has exposed many of the existing cracks in our higher education system,” the statement continued. “But even before the pandemic, so many students were experiencing precarity. And after the pandemic is over, students and their families will continue to face financial insecurity.”

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John Weis Loftus

I still don’t understand why some UofC students think there’s an obligation by the University to do anything regarding your tuition, and to make sure they are able to stay in school....?......considering there is the wide-open option of leaving the school and pursuing life in a different direction.

I say this with no negativity intended.

Pursuing higher education is not a right, it is a commodity and for a huge variety of reasons you can either afford this luxury or not.

Try going to Gold Coast motors, up on Pearson ...and demanding a Rolls Royce for half price... due to the health crisis. (Uh, let me know if they say Yes!)

The University of Chicago is what it is because of money, people, policies, and everything that they have done so far to create a world-class university, I wish them luck remaining in that capacity.

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