5200 e 52nd

The 5200 block of East 52nd Street

Police are searching for the man who abducted two women from their Hyde Park apartment and forced them to withdraw cash from multiple ATMs and a wire transfer business. He released the women along 55th Street after one was able to get help from a passerby and contact the police.

The Chicago Police Department reports that at around 4 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 31, a suspect entered an apartment on the 1300 block of East 52nd Street, woke the two victims, demanded money and started stealing their personal belongings. He claimed to have a weapon; while the victims saw none, they were convinced he had one.

At one point, the home invader became irate, hit both victims, and forced them to leave the apartment and into his vehicle. He proceeded to drive them to several ATM machines. One victim obtained cash at one, which the offender took, while the other victim was unable to withdraw funds.

The victims then contacted family members in an attempt to have them wire money, then the offender drove them to an establishment where they could obtain it. But due to the early morning hour, the business was not yet open. 

At one point, both victims were able to escape from the vehicle: one fled into the establishment, and the other was able to get help from an unknown person in a parking lot and contact the police. The offender then fled the parking lot in his vehicle. Police responded to the 1500 block of East 55th Street. Both victims declined emergency medical attention.

The CPD has no description of the suspect. Detectives are investigating and reviewing video footage.

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Jaye Platt

What do authorities do in Singapore and Malaysia to such criminals who abduct, rob and beat women there? M'thinks we should consider ditching this EuroCentric laws and culture and admit that certain Asian societies do things better.


Unfortunately, crime will continue to escalate until the insane drive to defund the police comes to an end.

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