Protect Our Parks president Herb Caplan in 2019

Protect Our Parks will file a motion for reconsideration after the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruling last week in the group’s case against the Obama Presidential Center. 

The 7th Circuit remanded the case to the district court in an opinion issued Friday afternoon, ruling against the nonprofit on some of the claims and setting the stage for the rest to be dismissed by the lower court. 

At the time, president Herbert Caplan indicated to the Herald that POP would probably file a motion for reconsideration, acknowledging at the same time that it was unlikely the motion would be granted. 

“Often overlooked and never mentioned, is that Protect Our Parks has always supported the construction of an Obama Presidential Center (albeit not a presidential library) on the South Side of Chicago in any location that is not inside of historic and dedicated public park property,” the group wrote in a statement. 

“Protect Our Parks is hopeful that the Obama Foundation will, for the greater benefit of every interested party, now seize on this opportunity to relocate the Obama Presidential Center to a superior site, gain the unified support of all parties, and join with Mayor Lightfoot's public interest program of focused investments in historically underserved south side neighborhoods for a win-win outcome all around.”

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South Shore Resident

At what point does Herbert Caplan and Protect our Parks admit defeat and let this project get started to better our community. Living in the South Shore neighborhood for the past 13 years I can testify the land they are using to build this Presidential Center is filthy all the time. It is not kept up or taken care of so what is there to protect? Residents of the North Shore area would never let their parks or land look the way jackson park does with trash everywhere and grass overgrown. So if they don't care to keep up with the upkeep why not let it be used for something greater. Our neighborhood needs change and this Presidential Center is the only way for it to happen.

Ross Petersen

Dear South Shore resident, the group Protect Our Parks has over a thousand members. Jackson Park Watch has thousands of members. The lawsuit will continue, because the way to maintain a Park is Not to build a twenty-three story mid-rise building inside it, but instead, put pressure on the Chicago Park District to do the same maintenance in Jackson Park that they lavish on Lincoln Park.

Would you suggest demolishing Robie House because there was trash in their yard?

The OPC will bring economic benefit, but at what cost, in Park land? And why must this take up our Park, when vacant lots, urban renewal land, lies empty, across the Street?

Have you considered the loss of 800 to 1,000 trees, the impact to a Nature area that is famous, world-wide, as a birding spot? The Costly road revisions, even Lake Shore Drive will need to be widened. This building is ghastly, unbelievably bleak.

Chicagoans have a long history of battling to keep our lakefront open, free and clear of buildings. This goes back to A. Montgomery Ward's day, and it continues to today.

Do we want $200 million in road revisions we can't afford? Do we want to plow up a historic, F.L.Olmsted Park? The answer is NO. There are numerous sites in the City.

They never considered environmental impact in this decision, and neither did they consult with any of the experts. There is more than one path that leads to change.

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