opc rendering

A north-facing rendering of the Obama Presidential Center campus in Jackson Park.

Protect Our Parks (POP) filed a motion for reconsideration on Friday after the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruling in the group’s case against the Obama Presidential Center (OPC). The group had already indicated it would do so a few weeks ago. 

POP suffered a blow to its hopes of stopping the construction of the OPC in Jackson Park when the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals remanded its case to district court, ruling that the group did not have standing to bring some state law claims. Now, the nonprofit has filed a motion for reconsideration in front of a full panel of appeals court judges, arguing that the court’s decision deviates from established precedent. 

The ban on construction of the OPC continues while the litigation is ongoing, according to a POP press release.  

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Keith H

POP doesn’t know when to quit. I suppose their tactic is to keep the project tied up in ridiculous litigation for as long as possible. At least the attorneys will benefit, even if surrounding communities don’t.

Ross Petersen

Jackson Park is a beautiful Park. Chicagoans have battled to maintain these Parks for Centuries, going back to Montgomery Ward's day. This is a poor plan, taking up the Park, when vacant lots lie empty, on Stony Island, on ML King Drive. Where is the urban planning in this? What about impact on wildlife? The loss of 800 to 1,000 trees?

This is Chicago, where we are famous for our architecture, and our lakefront.

There are numerous sites for an OPC that wouldn't take away our Park in the process.

In case you hadn't noticed, there are many who are rightly concerned about these plans. This goes against what we have learned about preservation, protection of our environment.

Parks belong to the People. They cannot be sold or transferred. Yes the lawsuit continues.


I am glad to see POP has appealed. The parks are for everyone to enjoy, not just the gentrified elite. We also must protect and preserve the park environment and the ecosystems implicated in destroying the land to put up more needless concrete buildings.

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