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Scientifically accurate atomic model of the external structure of the SARS-CoV-2. Each "ball" is an atom. Cobalt is membrane, turquoise is spike glycoprotein, crimson is E protein, green is M protein, orange is glucose.

Seniors, the most-at-risk population of people in the COVID-19 pandemic, are less likely to be vaccinated against the disease in two out of four mid-South Side lakefront ZIP codes than the citywide average, and less likely to be vaccinated than the state and national averages.

As of Aug. 24, 69% of Chicago seniors are vaccinated, 77% of Illinois seniors are, and 81% of U.S. seniors are.

  • In 60653, covering North Kenwood and Oakland, 74.8% of residents aged 65 or older are fully vaccinated.
  • In 60615, covering northern Hyde Park, southern Kenwood and northern Washington Park, 71.3% are.
  • In 60637, covering southern Hyde Park, southern Washington Park and Woodlawn, 68.9% are.
  • In 60649, South Shore, 67.8% are.

As reported by The New York Times, unvaccinated seniors are rare in Scotland, England, Spain and Canada, where there are few pockets of vaccine hesitancy. Those nations have seen lower death rates during the delta variant-driven surge than the United States has.

Seniors are more likely to be vaccinated in all four lakefront mid-South Side ZIP codes than younger people, but anyone who is not vaccinated is at significantly higher risk of death.

Southern states like Florida and Louisiana are dealing with the worst rates of hospitalization and death now than at any point of the pandemic so far.

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