There have been six shootings in the 30th Sector, which covers the Hyde and Washington Park neighborhoods, between May 17 and June 22 — but no homicides, police reported at a virtual Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy meeting on June 23. 

There were also four robberies in the district over the reporting period.

In Beat 233, which covers the Washington Park and the area between Hyde Park Boulevard, 55th Street and Woodlawn Avenue, the most numerous calls for police were public safety calls, disturbance calls, burglar alarms, domestic disturbances and batteries in progress.

In Beat 234, which covers the area between Woodlawn Avenue, Hyde Park Boulevard, 55th Street and the lakefront, the most numerous calls were general disturbances, commercial alarms, public safety calls, domestic disturbances and looting. 

In Beat 235, which covers the area roughly east of Cottage Grove Avenue between 55th and 61st streets, the most numerous calls were general disturbances, automobile accidents, burglar alarms, domestic batteries and commercial alarms.

CAPS Officer Candice Smith said the previously identified community issue of disturbances and noise at Promontory Point after it closes at 11 p.m. have been reported to the midnight lieutenant and the Chicago Park District. Police also observed the tremendous increase in firework activity over the past weeks.

Meetings for the 30th Sector and the 20th, which includes Kenwood's Beat 222, will also be held virtually in July.

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