Junior forward Jazelle Young shoots a free throw during the first round of playoffs against Ogden International. 

The Kenwood girls basketball team won its first-round playoff game Tuesday night, beating Ogden International by a score of 83-16.

Kenwood dominated the first quarter, outscoring Ogden 28-0. Ogden played more confidently after that, putting up 9 points in the second quarter, most of them from the foul line.

Junior forward Jazelle Young led Kenwood with 19 points, but says she didn’t do as well as she hoped.

“I actually didn't perform as well as I thought I would. I was slacking a little bit on defense. I missed too many lay-ups that I shouldn’t have missed, I missed too many free throws that I shouldn't have missed, but it's always time the next day to get better,” said Young.

During an intense man-to-man defensive possession, Young could be seen having a playful encounter with Kennaria Nash-James, no. 11 on Ogden.

“Yeah, (she’s) just a friend of a friend. You know, when you play on the court it’s always love,” said Young.

Young says she expects to play Whitney Young during the championship because she doesn’t see any other team doing as well as them. 

Despite the big win, Coach Andre Lewis said he thought his team could have done a better job with its offensive rebounding. “We had a noticeable size advantage in the paint and I didn't feel like we did a good enough job of consistently going to the glass to get offensive rebounds,” he Lewis. 

During the game, senior Brianna McDaniel was removed early because of pain in her knee. Lewis said he isn’t worried about it going forward, but took her out for insurance.

“(She) will have days where, you know, it doesn't feel good. So it’s just a precaution, it’s nothing major. If we needed her to play, she could have played.”

Lewis said that having junior Jazlyn Givens out due to an ACL injury has been detrimental to the team because of the opportunities for scoring she creates, her energy level, and her ability to defend, but that it has also given other players the chance to step up. 

“Emya Smith has played better and is taking advantage of the opportunity to play more now that Jazz has been injured. Ariana Bullock-Williams has played an increased amount, and done a good job, especially on the defensive end.”

When asked if he thinks his coaching style is to credit for the team’s success or is it due to the talent of the team, Lewis says that good players always make the coach look good.

“You can have all the X's and O's in the world but if you don't have any talent, (if) you don't have any players, nothing's happening. So I always give all the credit to the players because they have to put in the work, they have to show dedication and they have to show up and play.”

The Kenwood Lady Broncos will play round two of the playoffs at home on Thursday against the Taft Eagles.

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