A view of the lakefront trail between 5000 and 4900 south in the area slated for emergency work by the Army Corps of Engineers. 

The Jackson Park Advisory Council (JPAC) adopted a resolution supporting “urgent emergency and continuing action to address severe destruction of the lake shore,” in a public letter dated March 10. The resolution comes in the wake of extensive damage to the shoreline, particularly in the Morgan Shoals area between 49th and 51st streets.

As the Herald reported on March 2, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers called the situation an emergency, and announced that it would place riprap — loose stone used as protection against erosion — along the affected areas, beginning in mid-March. Lake Michigan has been experiencing record high levels this year, a trend that is expected to continue into the summer.

“In historic Jackson Park, a National Register Property, our Council supplies ongoing documentation of this destruction,” says the JPAC letter. “(It) threatens public safety and historic public assets including federal roadways, harbors and piers, bike and pedestrian trails, historic and other structures, beaches, and golf and other recreational fields, and a children’s hospital and interferes with public access to the public’s waters and with park and regional circulation.”

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Ross Petersen

While I share the Advisory Council's concerns, for rising lake levels, if they really want to protect our park, they need to move the Obama Presidential Center out of historic Jackson Park, and into the city.

What about rising lake levels in the lagoons? You need to consider the underground parking lot, for 450 cars, right next to this flood zone. This will require a huge excavation, removing Cornell Drive, hundreds of trees.

The rip-rap they are talking about is a short term, temporary fix. What we need are pre-cast step stone revetments.

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