The U.S. Census is still hiring for jobs locally, as the agency tentatively prepares for a resumption of operations in late summer. 

Marilyn Sanders, the Chicago regional director for the Census Bureau, says that the plan is for fieldwork to take place from mid-August until the end of October. It was originally slated to begin in April and continue until August. 

As of May 17, 48.3% of households in the 5th Ward had responded to the Census. That figure was 50.5% for the 4th Ward. Both are in the bottom half among wards in the city, whose overall response rate is 52.9%. 

“In the Hyde Park, Woodlawn, and South Shore area you have pockets of individuals who have not yet taken advantage of stay at home order to fill out the Census,” said Sander. “We are still recruiting and we are starting back to hire individuals that will, at some point, when it’s safe to do so, collect data from households that have not responded to the Census,” Sanders said. 

For part-time fieldwork jobs, pay is $29.50 per hour. Anyone interested can apply online

“In past censuses, we’ve actually given aptitude-type tests,” said Sanders. “But this time around, it’s just a test that assesses how you interact with people — it’s not aptitude at all.” 

Sanders also said that most training has been reconfigured to take place online. “We will have training that is virtual in order to learn how to use iPhone because the work is done on an iPhone …. We’re moving into the world of technology,” she said. 

To apply for a job with the U.S. Census Bureau, visit or call 1-855-JOB-2020. 

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