The Dearborn Denim store on 53rd Street is closing after sales declined around 30% during the coronavirus recession; the target date for the store closure is by Halloween.

"Usually spring to summer are our busy months, but after COVID and getting to Phase 3, we just kind of hoped, fingers-crossed, that things would change for the better," said store manager Melody Willis, referring to the stage of the "Restore Illinois" plan that allowed a return to in-store shopping on May 29. 

Willis has worked at the store since it opened in 2017 and will keep her job, but one other employee in Hyde Park was laid off at the beginning of the pandemic, she said, and another has been furloughed since March.

"And then we just realized that the sales weren't able to sustain the store," Willis said. "We just decided to close it and focus on the three other locations that we have and online, which is what we started as anyways."

Willis said the Hyde Park location, 1504 E. 53rd St., was profitable at one point, that management tried hard to keep it open, and that it is disappointing to see the brand's only South Side location shutter: "We built relationships with all the locals here. It's kind of sad."

All merchandise except consignment goods are currently half-off at the Hyde Park location, and complimentary hemming is still available.

Dearborn Denim, which was founded in 2016, designs and manufactures all its apparel in Chicago from a factory at 3333 W. Harrison St. The other store locations are in Lincoln Park, 2342 N. Lincoln Ave., Andersonville, 5202 N. Clark St., and Printer's Row, 728 S. Dearborn St.

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