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Bark n Bubbles Doggy Day Spa owner DaJuan Young (on the right) speaks with South Side resident Sharon Daniel during grand opening sessions of the spa Saturday afternoon.

Bark n Bubbles Doggy Day Spa celebrated held a grand opening ceremony in the Picadilly building at 1433 E. Hyde Park Boulevard on Aug. 1.

“This all started when my son and I moved to the south suburbs and we were washing our dog,” said nurse practitioner and spa owner DaJuan Young as she described the spa’s origins.

“He came up with the idea of starting his own business,” she continued. “As we all know, dog bathing can be so much fun. However, I recognize the difficulties and mess it may create at home.

“Why not make it convenient for those … who don’t have a back yard to wash their dogs?”

Bark n Bubbles 

Young said she thought: “What a great place [Hyde Park] would be to bring a facility, a community that was full of dogs, full of dog lovers, full of condominiums.”

“We are building our legacy together,” added Young as she watched her 15-year-old son Dylan speak with a potential customer during the celebration. 

The spa, which opened its doors for business on Aug. 2, will be open 7 days a week, from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Owners can either bring their dogs to the facility to be washed by Bark n Bubbles staff or rent a “tub” in the facility and wash their dogs themselves.

“The spa provides veterinarian approved products,” said Young, including soap, towels and blow dryers.

In addition to dog washing, independent professional dog groomers will be available for hire at the facility to provide the “whole kit and caboodle.”

Bark n Bubbles Doggy Day Spa, 1433 E. Hyde Park Blvd.,

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