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The Henry W. McGee Post Office, 4601 S. Cottage Grove Ave.

After a CBS Chicago report this week found that some Hyde Park residents had not had their mail delivered in weeks, the chief of staff for Ald. Sophia King (4th) said he would contact the Henry W. McGee Post Office, 4601 S. Cottage Grove Ave., about the issue. 

Roy Coleman, who lives on Kimbark Ave., told the news channel that he had not received mail in three weeks, including some much-needed heart medicine. The report also found that the McGee branch appeared to be “open and active.”

Prentice Butler, King’s chief of staff, told the Herald that he would look into any problems at the post office. He later said that the aldermanic office was reaching out to the United States Postal Service Postmaster General, and had contacted "congressional representatives" in the area. (The address in which the post office is located is represented by Rep. Bobby Rush.) 

Last year, the Herald reported on persistent problems with mail at the McGee branch, with residents complaining about late or non-existent delivery and quick turnover of carriers. After King facilitated a community meeting, officials promised to increase the number of clerks working during peak hours at the office. Following a second meeting last May, a staffer for King said issues at the branch were “trending in the right direction.” 

A spokesperson for the United States Postal Service told the Herald it would “gladly work to address any specific issue reported from the community,” and encouraged residents experiencing problems to contact their local post office or the agency’s consumer affairs office at 312-983-8403.

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Yasmin Nair

Packages and mail are not being delivered regularly to our building, and despite having a key, USPS will often declare that it could not make delivery of Amazon packages.

Unfortunately, calling the local post office is useless -- no one picks up and callers keep getting transferred around.

It's time for us all to be much assertive about making the obvious point: the mail isn't being delivered as well as it could be because the post office fundamentally does not care about neighbourhoods like ours, which are majority Black.

To be fair, as a long-time Uptown resident: that post office is even more hellish (reputed to be the worst in the country) -- but again, Uptown is a very diverse community. It may simply be that the USPS doesn't care about areas that are not white AND wealthy. I once found my way into the Fullerton post office and I was treated like a human being -- the shock of it sent me spiralling into silence.

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