A Friday afternoon on the Point

A group of second-year University of Chicago students sits on the capstones of a section of wave-damaged Promontory Point on Friday afternoon, May 20th.

The Promontory Point Conservancy is hosting the first annual Point Day this Saturday, an event celebrating the “past, present and future” of the historic park, now in its 85th year. 

The mission of the conservancy is to “protect and preserve Promontory Point Park,” primarily focusing on its historic limestone revetment.

Beginning with a 9 a.m. water show by Swimmers at the Point, the event will feature all-day activities for adults and families, such as lawn games, music and theater performances, pet blessings and educational walking tours of the Limestone steps. 

Bill Swislow, author of the book Lakefront Anonymous: Chicago’s Unknown Art Gallery, will lead walkers to the more than 150 carvings on the stone steps of the Point, detailing the long history of art on the revetment.

An additional walking tour will take place Sunday, along with a photography exhibition and presentation on the history of Promontory Point at the Hyde Park Historical Society, 5529 S. Lake Park Ave.

This celebration comes on the heals of Rep. Robin Kelly’s application for $500,000 in funding for an “independent, third-party study” for the preservation of the Point’s limestone, a 22-year battle between preservationists, local alderman and the city. 

Promontory Point Conservancy member Don Lamb, said of Rep. Kelly's request, "though the earmark has yet to be passed by Congress and signed by the President, this is an important achievement by Representative Robin Kelly and her staff and I am more encouraged now than I have been in 16 years that Promontory Point will be saved."  

At a May 26 press conference commemorating the birthday of the Point’s landscape architect Alfred Caldwell, Ald. Leslie Hairston (5th) said of the park: “There is nothing else like it in Chicago. It should be protected. It can be protected and it will be protected.”

More information on Saturday’s event can be found here

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