Construction of the Obama Presidential Center is well under way, with the skeleton of its main tower now visible above the fence that encloses its 19 acre campus in Jackson Park.

Construction workers were back at work building the Obama Presidential Center six days after they discovered a noose at the job site.

In a Nov. 16 statement, the Lakeside Alliance consortium of companies building the OPC said all staff and on-site workers had participated in anti-bias training, that additional safety and security measures have been implemented and that the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

“While Lakeside Alliance understands that no amount of training will lessen the impact of last week’s heinous act, we will continue to provide anti-bias, inclusion and belonging training on an ongoing basis to help foster an inclusive work environment. Working with strategic community stakeholders, we remain committed to creating job opportunities for those who have historically been under-represented,” they wrote.

“We are grateful to all of those who have expressed their support during this time, and look forward to getting back to work on this historic project. Lakeside Alliance is proud of the workforce we have brought together, and we remain committed to ensuring everyone feels safe and is treated with respect and dignity onsite. We will not let this one hateful act distract us from our mission to transform the paradigm of the construction industry in Chicago.”

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M'thinks the actual person/persons that planted that noose are not going to be punished. The last Chicago noose hate crime - the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax ended with Michelle Obama's Chief of Staff Tina Tchen apparently made a phone call to Cook County DA Kim Foxx and all charges against Jussie Smollett were dropped. It didn't matter that law enforcement have copies of the personal check Jussie Smollett paid the Nigerians to do the hoax and have video of the Nigerians buying the rope that Jussie Smollet said White MAGA racist tried to lynch him.

It all came to naught. Look like this latest lynching noose incident will come to naught and the OPC and the Tiger Woods golf course will commence with clear cutting our trees in Jackson Park and the South Shore cultural center.

Expect traffic jams... forever.

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