Harry Lennix

Harry Lennix

Murray Language Academy will host a virtual discussion with the actor Harry Lennix, as well as a performance from a children's theater troupe, next Wednesday, Feb. 24. 

The event is part of Murray’s 35th annual Black History Month celebration.

“It was important to continue with that tradition even though we’ve been in this virtual environment,” said Patrice Coleman, a member of the school’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). “This has been an ongoing effort of the PTO to engage with parents, faculty, staff and the students and we did not want to diminish the importance of Black History Month celebrations even in this time.” 

Other events from this month’s programming included a virtual dance party and presentations by Wallace Goode, president of the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce, and David Blackmon, former executive chef at the now-closed Bronzeville restaurant Blu 47. 

Lennix, a Chicago native who stars in the TV shows “Billions” and “The Blacklist,” is planning to open a double theater complex in Bronzeville later this year. The arts complex will house the Congo Square Theatre Company and the African American Museum of Performing Arts, a new museum designed to preserve “facts and artifacts depicting black performance excellence to prevent the loss of this invaluable slice of American and world history to time.” 

Next Wednesday’s event will also include a performance by the Evanston-based children's performing arts nonprofit TE & Company. 

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 6:30 p.m. Free. Attendance through Zoom at us02web.zoom.us/j/83715219537?pwd=cVdUUklneXZHbkk3Y1VmWHMrMGwvdz09

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