Mike Irvin

Kenwood Academy has named Mike Irvin to be the Broncos head boys basketball coach. He succeeds Justin Bowen, who left to pursue a job at the college level at the end of the 2020 season.

"Mike Irvin is excited to be coaching his first season at Kenwood," said in a press release from Mac Irvin Fire. "His knowledge, experience and development of players will make him very successful.

Mike played high school and college basketball. He is the CEO of Mac Irvin Fire and the president of the McGlother & Louise Irvin Foundation."

Irvin, a Chicago native who is known for continuing his father's signature organization, Mac Irvin Fire, a successful traveling basketball program that is recognized and respected across the country.

Irvin has demonstrated his ability to help students earn athletic scholarships and to mentor young men.

“I wasn’t going to do it while [my brother] Nick was [coaching],” said Irvin in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times. “As a family we try to support one another. But my goal was always to be a high school coach.

"While Nick had that opportunity at Morgan Park, I settled into the AAU scene. But high school coaching has always been on my mind, and I’d like to thank [Kenwood principal] Karen Calloway for the opportunity.”

Irvin also serves on the board of ABIS, the Academy of Business in Society, where he helps promote the advancement of Black athletes by advocating for a culture of equality in all aspects of sports.

Basketball is a family affair for Irvin. His father, Mac Irvin, was known as the “Godfather of Chicago Basketball,” for his efforts in creating Mac Irvin Fire, one of the nation’s best basketball programs.

Irvin's brother Byron was a first-round pick for the Portland Trailblazers. His brother Lance is the head coach for the men’s basketball program at Chicago State University.

Nick is the newly hired assistant coach for the Western Illinois men’s basketball team following a career where he won four state titles in 12 seasons at Morgan Park Academy.

Irvin's cousin Glenn "Doc" Rivers is the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Irvin also has worked for companies such as Nike, to help bring outstanding players to the Chicagoland area to play for the Fire, Morgan Park and other teams.

Irvin has helped players earn college scholarships for over 13 years on all levels, and he said he is ready to embrace his new role as head basketball coach for the Broncos.

Irvin said his focus is to help enhance players skills, work ethic and for young men to reach their goals.

As CEO of Mac Irvin Fire, Irvin said he hopes to marry his resources with Kenwood's resources to help build a basketball powerhouse in the near future.

He outlined his goals as: "First, win the Red conference], second win the city, and third win a state championship."

"As an organization, we are excited about the future of Kenwood basketball," said Calloway, "and (we) look forward to welcoming Coach Irvin to the school community."

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