Coaches, officials and adminstrators meet midfield to discuss the altercations during the Sept. 24 game between Morgan Park and Kenwood at Lane Stadium, 2601 W. Addison St.

Several Kenwood Academy football players are suspended from the upcoming game against Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy after fighting with opposing Morgan Park High School Players at a Saturday, Sept. 24, game.

The Sun-Times reports that several fights broke out among up to 20 players from both teams after a Kenwood player became hysterical at the end of the game — a 13-22 loss for the Broncos against a longtime rival. 

Per Illinois High School Association rules, players given unsportsmanlike conduct penalties have to sit out their next game. The Sun-Times reports that it is unclear whether the affected players will get harsher penalties.

Even with the suspension, the Broncos are favored to win their Week 6 game against Brooks (1-4 this season), which will take place on Saturday, Oct. 1. at CPS Lane Stadium, 2601 W. Addison St. If the IHSA pushes for a harsher suspension, however, the Broncos would be at a significant disadvantage for their Week 7 game against Simeon High School — the top Public League football team.

Kenwood Coach Sinque Turner released a statement on Twitter apologizing to the Chicago Public Schools sports administration, the Kenwood community, Principal Karen Calloway and Morgan Park's football team "for all the uncharacteristic behavior my team displayed during yesterday’s football game."

CPS issued a statement noting its expectation for "all of our student athletes to treat each other with respect" and that its Office of Sports Administration "is working with school leadership to continue its investigation and respond in accordance with district policies and procedures."

District officials have spoken to administrators and coaches at both schools about consequences and actions that can be taken moving forward. The Chicago Board of Education adopts a Student Code of Conduct every year that students sign off on. Fighting can lead to conferences with parents or guardians and the student to talk about the incident and to prevent its recurrence, detentions and in-school suspensions.

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