Dear reader,

Earlier this month, I wrote a letter outlining the Herald’s current struggles and plans for the future. The response has been overwhelmingly supportive. We heard from past and current Hyde Parkers about how much the paper has meant to them and their families over the years. 

The message is clear: We must keep the Herald going. Thank you for all the kind words, and thank you to everyone listed below, each of whom made a donation to support our work. You have given our team new hope for the coming year. 

Happy New Year!

Jason Schumer 


Jane Ciacci

Jennifer Mosley

Joel Sachnoff

Jamie Taratoot

Michal Safar

Osnat & Avner Strulov-Shlain

Katherine Newhouse

Anne Renna

Corlicia Tolliver

Michael Bourdaghs

Tahir Naim

Stacza Lipinski in honor of Uncle Bob and Aunt Louise

Stacza Lipinski in honor of Uncle Mick

Carol Saller

Frances Vandervoort

Ralph Nicholas

Ron Bauer

Charles and Roberta Berstein

Judith Holstein

Phyllis Gilfoyle

Richard Crespo

Alexander Muir

Ada Palmer

Andrea Frazier

Anna M Marshall

Avi Schwab

Barbara Mutch

Benjamin Ginzky

Bonnie Kisielowski-Jones

Clarence L Parham

Elaine Worcester

Janet Surkin

Jeff Deutsch

Jessie Pinkham

Kate Baldwin

Kerith Luchins

Kerry Ledoux

Kimberley Rudd

Laura Staley

Lisa C Smith

Myra Hart

Orit & Ezra Schwartz

Roberta Gamboa

Sarah Lawsky

Stacey McCoy

Susan Nedza 

John Craig and Brenda Nelms

Allan Stern

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