CTA bus

A 60-foot articulated CTA bus, the type the mass transit operator runs on the J14 and 192 routes.

The Chicago Transit Authority is seeking applicants to join its 12-member Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory Committee, which provides input on a range of accessibility issues like infrastructure maintenance, investments to long-range planning and guidance on current services, policy and practices.

Applications for these unpaid committee positions are available at transitchicago.com/accessibility, or by contacting Irma Gomez-Fierro, Manager of ADA Compliance Programs, at igomez-fierro@transitchicago.com or 773-449-8389. The application deadline is Sept. 19, 2022.

The committee meets four times a year, is composed of regular CTA riders who reflect a cross-section of the mass transit operator’s disability community and was established in 1993.

Metra’s 51st–53rd Street (Hyde Park) and 55th-56th-57th Street stations are accessible, though the 47th Street (Kenwood), 59th Street/University of Chicago and 63rd Street stations are not. The commuter rail operator is also accepting applications for its ADA Advisory Committee.

The ADA applies to both private and public ground transportation providers, and its rules are regulated by the federal Department of Transportation. All of the CTA's buses and railcars are accessible, as are 103 of the 145 'L' train stations, including all the Green and Red Line stations near Hyde Park. Questions, comments or feedback about accessibility on the CTA can be sent to 1-888-968-7282 or feedback@transitchicago.com.

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